Course Transfer System

Course Transfer System

The Course Transfer System at the University of Michigan-Dearborn is a valuable resource for information. While it is not an official credit evaluation, this link can serve in determining the transferability of courses from an accredited college or university.  This information is always current.  Click on the link to the right to use the Course Transfer System.

This database reflects courses that potentially transfer to UM-Dearborn, but does not necessarily indicate if or how these courses will be used toward your particular degree program. Once you have been admitted, an academic advisor in your unit will can provide more specific information about how your transfer coursework will be applied to your program requirements. The number of credit hours that apply to your particular program will determine the number of additional UM-Dearborn credit hours necessary for degree completion.

Click here to access the Course Transfer System.


Using the Course Transfer System

You may search by individual subject, or view a full list of courses. Courses correspond in one of 6 ways:

Exact Equivalent

The course is equivalent to a UM-Dearborn course.  The UM-Dearborn course abbreviation and number will be listed.

Lower Distribution Credit
The course is transferable, but not equivalent to a UM-Dearborn course.  Upon enrollment, the academic unit will determine whether the course may satisfy a distribution requirement.

Upper Level Credit
The course is transferrable, but it is not equivalent to a UM-Dearborn course. Upon enrollment, the academic unit will determine which requirement the course may satisfy.

General Credit
The course is not equivalent to a UM-Dearborn course, however, is considered college level.  The course will transfer as general credit, but may not be used to satisfy any specific requirements.

No Credit
Course does not transfer.

Course needs to be petitioned for credit.  This may occur when the evaluator is unable to determine, based on the information that appears on your transcript, what credit should be awarded.  This is also likely to occur in the case of a topics or experiential (independent study, independent research, field work, or internship) course. Any non-transferable course may be petitioned through your academic unit. You should speak with an academic advisor in your unit concerning the petition process at your earliest convenience upon enrollment.

Courses will be added to the system as they are reviewed. If you do not see your course or institution listed, it does not mean that you will not receive credit. It means that your course or institution has not yet been reviewed.

For questions about the Course Transfer System, contact the Office of Admissions and Orientation at or 313-593-5100.